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What Cars and Bikes do on Lee Hill Drive

What we see people on bikes do:

1) They do not stay on the line during blind corner but are sometimes 3+ feet in the road doing around 5 MPH 

2) 2+ wide on corners and straights

3) dim or no lights at dawn and dusk

4) same lights or no lights coming down the mountain at dusk. I have been in the passing lane going up the mountain only to see a bikes doing 40+ MPH coming down the mountain being almost invisible.

5) bikers have their headphones on and don't hear cars approaching them at all while being in the middle of the road

6) 2+ bikers going down the mountain 40+ MPH racing each other then reaching the pasture and staying across the entire road racing and playing with each other blocking traffic that they know are behind them when they start climbing at 10-15 MPH

7) being yelled at at the stop light for going around them when there is clear line of sight

8) bikes stopped on the road with people chatting and hanging out forcing cars to go around them

9) people of all ages coming up on bikes that really have no idea about bike safety or even how to ride a bike on this type of road, they climb in the easier gear and can't keep the bike straight but move into the center of the lane then back out since they have no energy.

10) the pelotons of bikes 10+ coming up after meeting at Amante that creates a density of bikes spread out up Lee Hill that makes it impossible to safely pass at all

What we see people in cars do: 1) driving too close to the bake of bikes like 5-10 feet 2) passing bikes in blind turn with on coming traffic  being forced to slam on the brakes and swerve to miss the car 3) pass the bikes with maybe a foot between them and the biker 4) over all road rage erratic driving being frustrated with a slow bike ahead 5) literally today (8/7/2018) on Old Stage road the road crew had a section reduced to one lane with guys holding the stop signs and walkie talkies. I was at the front going south and some cars pass then one car almost hit the road worker and me since I was the first car passing the biker and coming into the lane that just opened up with the cones. We want everyone to be safe. driving up the new Lefthand canyon road rebuilt after the flood is a dream. Plenty of space for both bikes and cars, This is the same for a small section of lee hill leaving broadway. Does the county think the cars and bikes are safe after the bikes are forced to ride on a white line through blind turns with dirt on their right? This needs to be fixed to save lives, reduce stress and to bring the roads up to a standard that is fitting of one of the greatest bike communities on the planet!

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