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Email to Boulder County 8/17/2020

I am reaching out since I left you a message on Friday and this morning to discuss the Lee Hill Drive and the unsafe conditions that exist on the road due to it’s extremely narrow lanes, to bike lanes and series of blind right hand turns. I must politely disagree with your suggestion that "Lee Hill Drive is a safe road if everyone follows the law and the posted speed limit” since it cannot cover the various real world scenarios that occur on this road. 

Simple signage that currently exist has already proven itself to be insufficient in fixing this problem. The road is too narrow for bikes and cars to co-exist safely together, I would personally describe the road as being a single track trail for cars.

I had previously suggested that the uphill sharp right hand turns and a couple downhill right turns be expanded so the bikes have a safe bike lane similar to the wonderful bike lane created on Lee Hill that feeds into Old Stage and Lee Hill. With the forethought to consider the dangerous situation on this road why did Boulder County go through the effort of laying down a bike lane only to discontinue it o the most dangerous sections? The traffic flow is the same with approx 75% continuing on Lee Hill after the Old Stage road junction.

I also suggested that there be multiple signs reminding bikes of the dangerous blind right turns and necessity to maintain a single file formation since cars cannot see them until its too late. When I am driving on the road I am aware of these blind areas but am still faced with the reality that a bike will be on this section. With cars coming down Lee Hill road cars going up can’t simply give 3’ since the narrow road places cars into oncoming traffic when bikes are 2-3’ into the road from the edge which is something that commonly occurs.

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